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We are a company with over twenty years of experience knowing the niche markets of high-end jewelry, luxury watches, precious stones, exquisite and demanding tastes.

For us, it is very important the positioning of a brand through appropriate relationships for organizations and products with their key audiences through communication channels and proper tools, where we establish a regional and international recognition. We are professionals in public relations, we work to build a unique image and highlighted by publications related to the organization or product through printed and electronic media.

We know the importance of communication with potential customers, the achievement of programs and channels to develop the profile with themed events at strategic points, the positioning of a company or brand internationally to raise awareness clear and memorable in countries around the world that highlight the interest in the product, brand or company.

The International Fairs are definitely the springboard to worldwide recognition, therefore we provide professional logistics support, promoting and communicating with impact business strategies and closely monitor the communication media for public comment on the company and its products.

Press Relations: Diffusion journalism and action in public relations are vital and pressing tools in building the image of a company and its institutional position. The news service is a valid way to meet an objective and timely decided to perform this task, you must know the needs of the brand or company and provide overall guidance involving technical advice on what to communicate, who communicate to, and how to manage information. We apply a media strategy that aims to transform the company to communicate the news and thus increase the credibility of the material released a better acceptance in the public and clearly separated from advertising.

How do we relate you to the press? Calling journalists depending on the objectives and goals proposed, performing releases or impact presentations of products or services, organizing events with journalists including staff representative of the brand or company. We build a good image through these actions that thrive in positioning of the brand. The benefits of the news exceed favorably on the image and prestige of a company or brand. Finally we achieve these objectives taking care of community relations, administration, pressure groups, opinion leaders and the press. Advising companies on the design and implementation of communication strategies to target and, therefore, to develop a positively impact in their business results is our goal as press consultants.

BruggerNews will be in a continuous search for new potential customers that fit the profile of the company or brand, developing strategies as basis of study for the deployment of the product and making it known highlighting its high quality and good taste.

We will try to find the most appropriate Jewelry with commercial ties for the distribution of a product or brand including the identification of any potential partners, joining media, knowledge and interests so that we can cover international markets, letting the good name of the company.

 Patricia de Brügger

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